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10kW Solar System in Chakswari AJK

/ Package 10kW

10kW Solar System

10kW Solar System Project Description:

Are you a homeowner in Chakswari, AJK with a medium-sized house of three to four bedrooms? Are you tired of high electricity bills and looking for a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution? Look no further! Our 10KW Solar System is the perfect answer to your energy needs.

**System Features:**

1. **Sized for Your Home:** 

Our solar system has been meticulously designed to cater to medium-sized houses with three to four bedrooms. Say goodbye to the hassle of electricity bills, and embrace clean, green energy.

2. **Reliable Backup Power:** 

This system ensures that you never have to worry about power outages. It can handle a range of essential loads, including 5-8 fans and 10 LED lights, even when the grid goes down.

3. **Impressive Capacity:** 

With a rated capacity of 10KW, this solar system is ready to power your home efficiently and sustainably.

4. **Energy Storage:** 

Equipped with a 10KWh energy storage pack, this system stores excess energy generated during the day for use during the night or in case of power outages.

5. **Efficient Solar Power:** 

The system features a 10000W solar panel setup, utilizing clean, renewable energy from the sun to meet your daily energy needs.

6. **Quality Inverter:** 

Included in this package is a 10KW Fronus inverter, known for its reliability and performance.

7. **Tubular Battery Technology:** 

We use advanced tubular battery technology to ensure durability and long-lasting power storage.

8. **No Net Metering Required:** 

With our system, you don’t need net metering, simplifying the process and saving you even more on your energy bills.

9. **Offline Connectivity:**

 For those who prefer simplicity, this system does not rely on WiFi or cloud communication, providing a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

Make the shift to clean, sustainable energy with our 10KW Solar System. Say goodbye to rising electricity costs and embrace a brighter, more environmentally friendly future. Contact us today to learn more about this eco-friendly energy solution tailored to meet the unique needs of Chakswari, AJK homeowners. Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and secure reliable power for your home.

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