About Us

KOMPAS SOLAR is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems, solar thermal systems and energy efficient LED lighting. KOMPAS SOLAR is UK based design and solar installation company in Mirpur (A.K). Our highly qualified engineers and management staff gives us collective data and information of new developments in our industry, making KOMPAS SOLAR one of the most advanced solar panel installation companies in Pakistan. After great success in business in UK, KOMPAS LONDON now contributes to solve the problem of load shedding and inflation faced by people in Pakistan.

KOMPAS SOLAR is providing photovoltaic solar energy systems and energy efficient solutions for clients in a wide variety of categories including medical office buildings, warehouse facilities, schools, masjids, gas stations, automotive companies, automobile dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and many residences. Buy Best solar panels in Pakistan online.

KOMPAS SOLAR is committed to each customer, to quality installations, and to making “going solar” an effortless experience. We strive for “win-win” scenarios with both our customers and employees. Buy solar Inverter in Pakistan.

Higher fuel cost, inflation, carbon tax, seasonal pricing and many other variables are out of your control, and will continually cost you more as time goes on. Using Solar Energy is a great solution for home and business owners to save on energy costs. Whether you are interested in solar panels to charge your electric vehicle or to offset your home or business energy usage, KOMPAS SOLAR has the affordable solar solution for you.

About Solar Energy

Solar provide a free energy to your home, office, or business locations. You can get free Sun energy to generate electricity using solar products. These products can help to save your money of bills you pay for electric you use.

Solar energy is a sustainable resource that will never be depleted.  Developing solar will mitigate the risk of energy shortages and negative environmental issues that future generations will experience unless alternative forms of energy are utilized.

KOMPAS SOLAR’s goal is to form alliances with businesses to educate people about the need for renewable energy. We believe solar can become a major energy supply source for this country and the world. Solar energy will take the homeowner out of the volatile buying position as energy costs increase.

No matter what your view on the effects of burning fossil fuels is, SAVING MONEY on your power consumption is attractive. Power prices are ultimately controlled by the power companies who will inevitably pass on carbon taxes for nonrenewable power producers to the consumer.

Here is some interesting information. Form your own opinions, but either way, saving money and managing your power consumption and cost can be up to you.

Burning fossil fuels creates sulfur oxides that produce acid rain. Acid rain changes acidity levels in the ground, directly affecting crop growth. A common byproduct of fossil fuel burning is nitrous oxide which produces ground-level ozone. This activity also creates carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas. Hydrocarbons from unburned portions of fossil fuels add to smog. Burning fossil fuels also creates carbon dioxide, which is an essential part of our atmosphere. Plants use it in the photosynthesis process to create oxygen. However, it becomes toxic when the levels are too high.

We see solar energy as a tremendous opportunity to change the path that we are currently on for future generations. KOMPAS SOLAR is a company dedicated to building a cleaner future. We want people to reach out and get their own information and form educated opinions. Our goal is not to divide people, but to bring people together. One group may want to save money, the other doesn’t want to depend on foreign oil, and the other wants to have a positive influence on the environment. No matter what the reasons are, all results are good.